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Get the most out of your membership!

There are many different ways to enjoy your membership at the Red Dragon. The first and most obvious is boating! We have regular organized sailboat races and paddling trips and encourage new members to join in.

If you are a history buff, take an opportunity to look over our vast collection. Our clubhouse was built around 1869, so we have artifacts from the 19th century - and even some from the birth of our nation! Being a boating organization for over 100 years, we also have one of the best local historic maritime collections in our area!

We all are fans of relaxation, so  please take in some of the most beautiful sunsets from our waterfront. Walk our 6+ acres and keep an eye out for some local wildlife - blue heron, bald eagle, osprey, fox, deer and even turkey are known to visit our grounds. 

We are a member-volunteer run organization, so we encourage everyone to join in a committee. We have many opportunities to continue improving our organization. Please check out the House Committee (to help maintain the majestic clubhouse), the Social Committee (to help plan and run our fabulous member and guest events), the Waterfront Committee (to help maintain the impressive beach and waterfront area), and the Grounds Committee (to help maintain our beautiful acreage).

Lastly, if you have an idea, please share it with your fellow members. If you have any questions about your experience or membership, the board members are always here to help. We are a community and this is how we continue to grow!
Membership Privileges and Responsibilities
 When a person is first admitted to membership, that person is a probationary member for one year. At the end of that year, the membership votes as to whether or not to make the individual a full member. Participation in Club activities is an important part of this decision. During probation, active members may not vote or hold office. All other club privileges are open to probationary members. Full active members become part owners of the Club. Club finances have never been such that all work required to maintain and improve the facilities can be let to contractors. As a result, we call ourselves a "self help" organization. All members are encouraged to lend their skills to do work around the club. We do hire people to do such work as roofing, advanced plumbing and electrical work, mowing the grounds, and advanced repairs on the Club's boats. Club members are responsible for helping to maintain the Club's favorable image in the community. They are responsible for adherence to the rules of the Club and the behavior of guests. 
Restrictions on Use
The Township of Edgewater Park imposed a number of restrictions on the use of Club property. Powerboats are prohibited except for the small tenders. Boats stored in the back yard may be no more than 30 feet long and must be covered with green tarps. The cottage may not be occupied at this time. Rented social events are limited to 200 persons. The noise level is restricted to levels in accordance with Township regulations. It is absolutely essential that the imposed restrictions be observed. 

Keys, Codes and Access
All members are entitled to a house key and combination code. These provide access to all areas of the house, except the Commodore's office, the pantry, and third floor rooms. It may also be used for all locks at the Beachfront. You are responsible for the safeguard of your key to ensure that unauthorized persons do not gain access. You are responsible for ensuring that upon your leaving Club facilities that all areas you have used are properly locked. There are a number of very valuable items in the Club facilities. It must also be noted that in the past there have been a few incidents where young people have entered the house, apparently had little parties, and left areas in considerable disorder. So - LOCK UP.

Volunteers Are Our Best Asset! 

Member Volunteers of the Red Dragon Canoe Club are a very valuable component of our club. These are the people who make all of our events possible, and help to keep the club operating smoothly. 

In order for our event schedule to remain vibrant and fun, we really need members to raise their hands and be part of our hosting team to keep our events on the schedule. We kindly ask each member to contribute (10) hours of time to volunteering their talents to us. You can fulfill the (10) hour requirement by hosting or assisting the host with one club activity. All membership levels are welcome!

To sign-up to help wth an event, please contact Vice Commodore Michelle Visitacion.


In addition to our volunteer hours, each spring two days are set aside to prepare the club for activity. We tidy the grounds, set up the furniture, launch the docks and set the mooring field.

In the autumn, the two days are reversed for clearing fallen leaves, storing exterior furniture, and hauling the docks and moorings.

These are "All Hands Days" when all members are expected to pitch in to help and do not count towards your 10 volunteer hours.

Some "All Hands Day Activities:

Cleaning the clubhouse

Raking leaves and putting them to the curb

Gathering dead branches

Cleaning gutters

Putting moorings in or out

Storing furniture

Stacking wood

Refrigerator clean-up

Organizing cabinets

In addition to the beachfront work, there is always much to be done around the clubhouse and grounds. Dates for these activities are published in the Club Newsletter, and sent via email to all members. 


Social Events
Social events are an important part of the Club's activities. We try to have an event every month. Members may be asked to manage a given event, and other members asked to assist. There is lot of work involved in any such event, and it takes a number of people to prepare food, set up tables, clean up, and manage payments.
Managing Social Events
If you wish to use the Club for a private social event, you must make arrangements with the Vice Commodore, who will help you to schedule the event and will determine the appropriate fees, including a deposit and insurance if appropriate. During the event you must observe the restrictions on use of the Club as described above. You are responsible for the behavior of guests and for cleanup of the Club following the event. If there is any damage to Club property, or if additional cleanup is required, you are financially responsible. If you are the sponsor for an outside group, you are totally responsible for the event, and must be present throughout the event. Caterers and entertainers must be required to operate within the limitations imposed on members. Liability policies must be presented to the Vice Commodore one week before the scheduled event. There is no problem with the use of outdoor grills. However, open fires may be used only in the established fire pit, and with a township permit (costs $35.00).
Beachfront Procedures
The Harbormaster is responsible for all matters relating to the beachfront and to the storage of boats in the back yard. Contact him if you have any questions relating to moorings and boat storage. Boats may be stored in the back yard, in the racks at the beachfront, and on the waterfront itself during the sailing season. The Club maintains a whaler which is available for use as a tender to boats on moorings. The Harbormaster can provide instruction as to its use. Members are cautioned to use due care in the use of the tender. There is a history of unreported damage, which has resulted in considerable cost to the Club. If you damage the boat, do the honorable thing and report it, even though you may be held responsible for the cost of repairs. Please observe the Club rules regarding the wearing of life jackets. All children and members are required to wear life jackets when on the docks. Each spring one day is set aside for float launch and another for mooring set. In the autumn, the days are reversed for float and mooring haul. These are "all hands days" when all members are expected to pitch into help. In addition to the beachfront work, there is always much to be done around the house and grounds. Please participate if you are at all able. Dates for these activities are published in the Club newsletter, the Dragontales.
Waterfront Safety Rules

These rules apply to all persons using the RDCC waterfront facilities, including members, guests and other persons or organizations authorized to use the facilities.

  • All persons 15 years of age and younger must wear a proper fitting PFD (Life Vest) properly secured when on the dock or beyond the sea wall

  • All occupants of RDCC owned boats or privately owned small open boats, (whaler, workboat, dinghies, inflatables, sunfish, etc., leaving or arriving at the RDCC beach/dock must wear a PFD in the proper manner

  • All RDCC power boats will also have at least 1 paddle, 1 throwable PFD, a signal device (horn/whistle) and a dewatering device (hand pump or bailer)

  • Only qualified Members may operate the launch/retrieval carriage

  • Qualified means a member who has demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Waterfront Committee that he/she understands and knows how to operate it safely. Qualified Junior/Youth members may operate it only when an Active Member is present. Members/dependents must demonstrate minimum sailing skill before using club sailboats

  • When the boathouse is open and activities are taking place, the VHF Radio should be on, monitoring Ch. 16. (Unless being used for race activities or checking weather reports). This allows us to respond to our vessels who may call and to respond to anyone who may call for assistance. The State Marine Police phone number is posted next to the boathouse phone. Other than "Hailing" i.e. making contact with a station, communications should be shifted to Ch. 68 or other working channel.

  • Should you encounter any situation involving safety, damage, vandalism or possible theft, call the Harbormaster. If you cannot reach the Harbormaster, contact any Club Officer. A Club Roster is in the front of the phone book.

  • Gasoline or other flammable liquids may be stored only in approved containers in the fuel storage locker adjacent to the boathouse. No gasoline or other flammable liquids may be stored in the boathouse. All containers must have the owners name on it.

  • Each member is responsible to assure all members and guests follow the Safety Rules and practice common sense safety at all times.
Of course, the primary purpose of the Club is sailing, paddling, and rowing. In furtherance of this purpose, the Club conducts weekly races and regattas during the sailing season. These activities are the responsibility of the Rear Commodore and the Race Committee. All boat owners are encouraged to participate. In addition to the boat crews, people are needed for race officiating. The Rear Commodore is always looking for new volunteers for race committees. While only Active Members may keep boats on the property, any member is encouraged to act as crew. We encourage members who are interested in crewing to reach out to captains to inquire about crewing possabilities.
Financial Procedures
The finances of the Club are managed by the Purser and the Financial Secretary'. The Purser, who is primarily responsible for the Club's accounts, pays all bills and manages the budget. The Financial Secretary is responsible for receiving and depositing all received payments and for billing members for dues and fees. The budget is created annually by a committee of Trustees, and is periodically reviewed during the year. Any member who incurs expenses for the Club must have the approval of the appropriate officer of the Club. The request for payment, accompanied by receipts, is then submitted to the Purser. In some instances, for example a member who is responsible for a social event, an advance payment may be made. However, at the end of the event, the income for the event is sent to the Financial Secretary for deposit. If the member has incurred expenses over and above the advance, a request, accompanied by receipts, is made to the Purser for payment. In any event, receipts for expenditures must be submitted to the Purser.
Dragontales (Monthly Newsletter)
‘Dragontales’ is published monthly and is emailed to all members. Please read it. There is always important information relating to Club activities. Past issues can be found under "Important Links" above.