General Meeting Minutes December 2020

Red Dragon Canoe Club

General Membership Virtual Meeting

December 2, 2020

The meeting came to order at 7:07 PM using Zoom on-line technology.

On-line: Jennifer Cavanaugh, Jeff Rife, Pat and Bob Medeiros, Michelle and Alan Visitacion,

Tom Gilman, Del Rife, Don Powell, Beth and Paul Ziegler, Mike Dmochowski, Patricia

Richmond, Regina and Skip Arey, Ken Kauker, Ira Taylor.

Correspondent: The minutes for the November 4, 2020 members meeting were read and


Purser: Jennifer Cavanaugh relayed information from Susan French. The checking account

balance is $9,177.49. Most expenses were typical. The Chubb quarterly insurance bill was

$4112. Benish Crane expenses were $450. Social event income was $55.

Commodore: Jennifer Cavanaugh commented that this is her last meeting as Commodore. She

thanked the entire board, especially the flag officers, for their support. She is looking forward to

the new 2021 board with its new ideas and fresh energy.

Vice Commodore: Alan Visitacion reported that the recent virtual events were enjoyable. This

included trivia with Jan Griswold and “Sip’n’Doodle.” He requested that members send in

images of the pictures that they drew. A planning committee meeting will be held via Zoom on

Thursday, December 10 at 7 PM. The next event will be a hybrid virtual New Year’s Eve party.

Alan requested members prepare videos and/or slide shows and comedy mock interviews, such

as with the moose. Baby pictures with names and ages are also wanted. The annual awards and

flags for new officers will be presented, because the annual Gala may have to be delayed until it

can be held outside in April. Planning for future in-person events will have to comply with the

CDC attendance limits of 10 people indoors and 25 people outside.

Rear Commodore: Jeff Rife reminded members that the blue and red mariner is still available for

sailing. Jeff will recommend that the Mariner Association’s National Races be scheduled at

RDCC in 2023, because that will be our 100 th anniversary at this site. Jeff stressed the need for

volunteers to serve as coordinators for four committees: Racing, Informal Sail Instruction

("Sailing School"; as per by-laws), Youth Boating Initiative (aka "Junior Activities Committee"

as per by-laws) - both sailing and paddling, and Paddling (work with Don Wood to re-establish

regular paddling events). Beth and Paul Ziegler volunteered to help with sailing.

Harbormaster: Del Rife thanked the members who helped make the All Hands Days a successful

team effort. He reported flooding over the river bank following the rain this week. No damage

was done. Del has stored most of the mooring anchors in the boat house. The batteries will be

moved to the mansion basement for warmer winter storage. Jeff Rife asked about planning for

bulk head, davit base and dock repairs. Del indicated that they will be integrated with the

quartermaster projects and budgets.

Quartermaster: Don Powell reported that we had good All Hands Days. The yard and area

around the cottage were thoroughly cleaned. He noted that the tarp is gone from the cottage

roof, which needs repair. Don is replacing the spotlights near the basement entrance and kitchen.

He will also install occupancy lights for the two bathrooms. The quartermaster shed has been

cleaned up inside. There is no action on the possible replacement shed. Ken Kauker has agreed

to be the next quartermaster. Del Rife reported that the town did pick up the leaves at the street.

Financial Secretary: No report.

DRYL: No report.

Membership: Beth Ziegler announced that Claudia Brown is interested in joining RDCC, but she

is traveling and cannot attend this meeting. Beth also announced that Chris and Jerry Riding had

fulfilled their probationary membership requirements, but they could not attend this meeting.

Beth presented the proposed slate of officers for 2021. Nominations were opened for all

positions. Officer nominees are: Don Powell, Commodore; Michelle and Alan Visitacion, Vice

Commodores; Jeff Rife, Rear Commodore; Del Rife, Harbormaster; Ken Kauker, Quartermaster;

Susan French, Purser; Tom Gilman, Correspondent; Bob Medeiros, Fleet Surgeon. Trustee

nominees are: Jennifer Cavanaugh (full term) and Patricia Richmond, who will fill the remainder

of Del Rife’s term. This slate of officers and trustees was approved. Jennifer Cavanaugh will

contact Joe Mammone and Shufeng Tan to determine if either would be willing to serve a new

term as a trustee. Beth requested articles for the Dragontales, which she hopes to publish soon.

Del Rife thanked Beth for the outstanding work she has done for RDCC Membership this year.

Shipman Mansion Foundation: Beth Ziegler read Nancy Cunningham’s report. There are two

fundraisers: 1) “Giving Tuesday” is a global giving movement that takes place using Facebook in

the days following Thanksgiving. The Shipman Mansion Giving Tuesday campaign will stay

active until December 31. 2) The Shipman Mansion Foundation Charitable Raffle is in the home

stretch. The drawing will be held on December 12 at the Club. Members are invited to attend.

There is still a little time to buy/sell tickets. Don Wood would like to have all money and tickets

by December 7. Don will be at the Club on Saturday December 5 from noon to 3 PM for anyone

who would like to buy tickets or drop off tickets and money.

Social Media: Beth Ziegler read Nancy Cunningham’s report on recent Facebook activity. The

RDCC Facebook page now has 1,688 likes. The most popular post was the photos of two T-Rex

paddling in the river. Instagram now has 55 followers.

Old Business:

Jeff Rife reminded members that Internet security cameras cost $25. He requested that members

give RDCC money to fund the installation of these cameras around the mansion to provide

security while we are away.

Jeff Rife reported that the new Internet router burned out. The manufacturer will replace the

unit. Then Jeff will restart Internet at the club. Jeff noted that he needs a shelf about one-foot

deep by about two to three feet wide to support the new Internet system equipment.

Del Rife reported that the security alarm buzzer is going off almost daily. This disables the fire

alarm. He suspects this could be due to a faulty sensor, perhaps one near the heater. Jeff Rife

will email system information to Don Powell, so he can examine the system.'

New Business:

Del Rife requested confirmation that the annual service had been done on the oil furnace, which

serves the apartment. Jennifer will clarify with Susan French. If service is still needed, Jennifer

will contact Ken Kauker.

Del Rife noted that snow removal will be needed this winter, at least to provide safe access to the

apartment. Jennifer will contact Marty Steinmann to find out who did this last year. She will

relay the information to Ken Kauker.

Good of the Order:

Jeff Rife reminded members that the house phone is out of service until the Internet is restored.

Also, the phone at the boathouse is disconnected.

Jennifer Cavanaugh reminded members that the red and blue mariner is still available for use.

Mark will pull it from the river before ice is forecast on the river.

Del Rife thanked Jennifer Cavanaugh for her years of service as the RDCC Commodore.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:31 PM.

Respectfully submitted by

Tom Gilman – 12/3/2020