The Red Dragon Canoe Club is fortunate to reside in the Shipman Mansion on the banks of the Delaware River. To preserve both the physical property as well as the history of this majestic structure, The Shipman Mansion Foundation formed in 2013. Since that date, this organization has worked tireless to restore the property as well as teach and enrich the local community. 

To learn more about the Shipman Mansion Foundation and their work, please visit their website at:
mansion old

The Shipman Mansion Foundation is dedicated to the research and preservation of the architectural, maritime, and cultural history of the Shipman Mansion for the purpose of sharing with, and enhancing the community’s understanding of the diverse history of the area.

The Shipman Mansion, a Second Empire style home, was built around 1869 on the banks of the Delaware River.   It is listed on the New Jersey and federal Registers of Historic Places. The Foundation, a 501(c)(3) corporation, is dedicated to educating the public on the architectural, cultural and waterfront history of the Mansion property and surrounding region.

Restoration Efforts

Shipman Mansion Interior

Historic Privy

Please reach out to the Shipman Mansion Foundation to take a guided tour of the property and learn more about their mission. If you go to our "Tours" page, you can also request a Historic House Tour. We forward your request on to the Shipman Foundation, who will reach out to schedule a tour lead by one of their wonderful docents.