General Meeting Minutes April 2021

Red Dragon Canoe Club

General Membership Virtual Meeting

April 7, 2021

The meeting came to order at 7:04 PM using Zoom on-line technology.

On-line: Don Powell, Jeff Rife, Michelle and Alan Visitacion, Tom Gilman, Del Rife, Beth

Ziegler, Mike Dmochowski, Helene and Luke Murphy, Susan French, Pat Medeiros, Regina

Arey, Sally Perkins, Glenn Perkins, Stephen Smith, Jan Griswold, Bill Van Keuren, Candice

Leasner, Patricia Richmond, James Wheeler, Ira Taylor.

Correspondent: The minutes for the March 3, 2021 members’ meeting were read and approved.

Purser: Susan French noted that March expenses were typical. The checking account balance is

$15,443.69. Susan reminded members to submit RDCC Debit Vouchers with their receipts to

the corresponding board member for submission to Susan for reimbursement for any authorized

expenses. The purser’s report was approved.

Membership: Beth Ziegler presented Stephen and Agnes Smith and Glenn Perkins as prospective

strictly sailing members. Both families were approved for probationary membership. Beth

mailed a direct mailing campaign to promote membership in the nearby residential area in

March. There have been no responses so far. She will repeat the mailing after about a month.

Vice Commodore: Alan Visitacion announced a yoga event with Anita Butz on the front lawn at

10 AM on April 18. The cost will be $10 for members and $15 for guests. This will be followed

on Saturday, May 8 by a “Mother’s Day” brunch on the front lawn from 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM.

There will also be live jazz music with John French, a silent auction, and a best hat contest.

Costs will be $15 for members, $20 for guests, $10 for children under 12 and free for children

under 5. Kitchen help will be needed to prepare pre-packaged food and beverages. A volunteer

host is needed for the July 4 barbeque picnic. Susan French noted that the township has

approved funding for the summer concert series, and John is lining up bands. The next events

planning committee meeting will be on Tuesday, April 13 at 7:30 PM.

Rear Commodore: Jan Griswold summarized paddling committee activity. She thanked Candice

Leasner for organizing the rules and regulations. There will be events at several different

difficulty levels. There will be sunset paddles and possibly mid-week, daytime events. Sign-up

sheets will collect participant information including emergency contacts. They need first aid kits

for trips and are working on a system of text alerts. Their next planning meeting will be on

Monday, April 12. Jeff plans to adapt many of the paddling rules and regulations for the other

sailing activities. Jeff will hold the next Racing Committee meeting this month to plan regattas,

set fees and set rain dates. He is updating information packets for the strictly sailing and loaner

boat programs. There will be a strictly sailing members work day to prepare the boats for

sailing. Certification of members to use the sailboats will occur in May. Jeff hopes to have

experienced sailors mentor new sailors. Jeff will build an extension to the dinghy rack from

April 17 to 25 and will need some helpers.

Harbormaster: Del Rife reported that two high school students, Jack Gutekunst and friend, Alisa,

worked to clean up the waterfront recently as a community service project. The floating docks have been repaired and are ready for launch during the All-Hands-Day on Saturday, April 24.

The mooring anchors will be set on Saturday, May 1. An extra barrel has been set near the

down-river monument to receive recyclable litter picked up from the beach.

Quartermaster: Don Powell reported that Ken Kauker has removed a trailer-load of cherrywood

lumber from the backyard and will remove the remainder soon. Seven dead trees will be

removed within a month. A work party is scheduled for Sunday, April 11 at 10 AM to begin

yard clean up. Ken is looking for members to adopt small, 8 to 10-foot sections of the gardens

around the mansion to plan, plant and maintain them to beautify the area. He is requesting

everyone’s help for the All-Hands-Day spring cleanup on April 24. Bill Van Keuren reminded

members that all boats stored in the backyard must be covered with green tarps as required by

the agreement with Edgewater Park township. He noted that some are uncovered or covered by

blue tarps. He emphasized that club leaders should strictly enforce these rules.

Financial Secretary: No report.

Shipman Mansion Foundation: Don Powell read Norma Carter’s report. She announced that

Philip Scott, historic architect, will be onsite in late April to start a conditions assessment of the

cottage and mansion. A two-boat rack will be installed in the Green Room to hold the

Adirondack Guide Boat and the Wilts canoe.  It will arrive in about a week. John Lawrence has

donated his historic “sneak box” hunting canoe. John Ahern, who did the painting, examined the

cracks in the plaster on the stairwell and explained that they are normal from the house flexing in

the wind, but he will fix them. He will be using the Trophy Room or hallway as a staging

area.  The Foundation expects final township and state approval for the 2021 raffle very soon.

Then Don Wood will have tickets printed.

Social Media: Beth Ziegler read Nancy Cunningham’s report on recent Facebook activity. The

RDCC Facebook page now has 1,710 Likes. Page reach was 5,864.  Instagram now has 56

followers. Please like, comment, and share on your personal page. Use #atthedragon on posts

about the club. Please send Nancy news and photos. Thanks to those who do send content. Don

Powell asked about the status of the new club web site. Jeff Rife expects to have it ready within

a week.

Old Business:

Del Rife noted that the top pulley line on the flag pole has failed and needs to be replaced. He

recommended that the other pulley line should also be replaced before it fails. Alan Visitacion

has seen a flag pole repair truck in the area. He will try to identify the company name.

Don Powell thanked Jeff and Del Rife for installing security cameras in and around the mansion

and boat house. Jeff asked members to tell him as soon as possible, if they see any signs of

trouble around the club. Then he can review the video files for useful information before it is

over-written. Only Don Powell, Jennifer Cavanaugh and Jeff have access to these files.

Don Powell will meet the AFA technician at the club on Wednesday, April 14, to install a new

outside antenna to improve the cell signal to the fire alarm system.

New Business:

Del Rife reported that the recent RDCC constitution and by-law changes are being added to the

text file. They will be forwarded to Beth Ziegler for distribution to existing and new members.

It was recommended that they be added to the RDCC web site for transparency. It was also

suggested that the minutes of the monthly general membership meeting should be added to a

members-only section of the web site. At this time, the board meeting minutes should not be


Del Rife suggested that we let the lawn mowing contractor know that the last stumps and other

hard objects have been removed from Lot 14 to facilitate keeping the lot clear and usable. Susan

French warned not to imply that we want the contractor to mow more area than he has been. He

might interpret this as an expansion of the scope of work and raise his charges. Susan noted that

she and John have cleared the access path to Lot 14.

Good of the Order:

Don Powell expressed hope that soon we will be able to meet again in person, based on wide-

spread distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:21 PM.

Respectfully submitted by

Tom Gilman – 4/8/2021