General Meeting Minutes March 2021

Red Dragon Canoe Club

General Membership Virtual Meeting

March 3, 2021

The meeting came to order at 7:04 PM using Zoom on-line technology.

On-line: Don Powell, Jennifer Cavanaugh, Jeff Rife, Michelle and Alan Visitacion, Tom Gilman,

Del Rife, Beth and Paul Ziegler, Mike Dmochowski, Ken Kauker, Don Wood, Helene Murphy,

Susan French, Denice Santora, Pat Medeiros, Regina Arey, Claudia Brown, Beth Jaworski, Katie


Correspondent: The minutes for the February 3, 2021 members’ meeting were read. In the

Commodore’s report, Mike Dmochowski added acknowledgment of Don Powell and Chris

Kauker’s contributions to sawing the downed cherry trees into lumber. The amended minutes

were approved.

Purser: Susan French noted that February expenses were typical. The two heaters were serviced

and cleaned. Income has been OK, but dues payments are about $20,000 behind last year at this

time. The checking account balance is $17,833.24. Don Powell added that Bill Van Keuren and

Del Rife audited the 2020 books and found them to be in good order. The purser’s report was


Membership: Beth Ziegler announced that PJ and Chris Jones and Rose and Jeff Cardinal have

completed their probationary membership term. The Cardinals will not be renewing this year.

Beth presented Katie Schreck and her family and Beth Jaworski and her family as prospective

paddling members. Both families were approved for probationary membership. Note, Katie and

her fiancé, Anthony, will be married at the club on June 12. Beth plans to begin mailing the

direct mailing campaign to promote membership in the nearby residential area next week. The

membership committee will be promoting RDCC at the Moorestown paddle races event on

Saturday, June 2, and at the Burlington County Farmers’ Market monthly this summer.

Vice Commodore: Alan Visitacion reported that the February on-line, music trivia night event

went well. Therefore, Alan and Michelle are planning a second “Name That Tune” event on

Zoom on Friday, March 12 at 8 PM. There will be three new themes: Irish, 80’s, and Movie

music plus a wheel of fortune. Alan explained that members must have either a Paypal or

Venmo account to play the wheel of fortune. The next planning committee meeting will be held

via Zoom in about two weeks. They anticipate an outdoors, bring-your-own brunch with music,

a silent auction, and organized events for children in early May. Claudia Brown has suggested a

popcorn sale as an additional fund-raising activity.

Rear Commodore: Jeff Rife is looking for a youth activities leader to organize sailing, paddling,

and perhaps fishing and hiking events for our younger members. This person could coordinate

with planning for the May brunch. Don Wood wants to hold a spring paddling committee

meeting in April to plan upcoming events. Beth Ziegler has a list of interested members for Don.

Jeff summarized the conclusions of the recent Racing Committee meeting. Saturday morning

races will resume with 9AM captains’ meetings and 10 AM starts. Captains and crew can be

from different households, based on personal risk comfort and CDC guidelines. Jeff is asking

for RDCC members to volunteer to officiate at individual races, i.e., start races and record boat

finish times. Jeff is also planning three holiday regattas and the Burlington Island race. A race

fee of $15 will be charged for these special races, which will include food for the captain and

crew and trophies. An invitational mariner race with Riverton Yacht Club and an open class race

with East End are being considered. Also, a club cruise to a set location, combined with rafting-

up at anchor for a group picnic or swim, is being discussed. The committee has requested that

emergency contact information for all club members be added to the RDCC membership files.

An email will be sent to everyone to obtain this data. It has been suggested that experienced

sailing members should sponsor a club mariner to lead and coordinate maintenance and repair

activities and to confirm that safety equipment is in good order. Potential boat sponsors should

contact Jeff or Don Powell.

Harbormaster: Del Rife reported that the ice has melted, and there is only limited debris on the

river bank. Dock repairs will be needed before the docks can be launched on April 24. Nancy

Cunningham will post a notice for helpers as soon as a date for dock repairs is set. Del is

preparing a list of all RDCC boats for liability insurance coverage.

Quartermaster: Ken Kauker obtained cost estimates for dead tree removal. He is negotiating

reduced scope of work to minimize costs. They do not think much of the wood would be useful

for firewood. Ken and Beth Ziegler are planning a garden committee activity to cut back very

heavy ivy growth on trees and the quartermaster’s shed. Ken will send an email when a date is

set. Mike Dmochowski and Del Rife have several trees to donate for planting after the damaged

trees have been removed. A plan is needed. Ken also asked members to donate any unwanted

plants from home gardens. Ken plans to use township wood chips to define garden areas.

Commodore: Don Powell reported that we still need a contractor for snow removal. He asked

for referrals. Don met with the fire alarm contractor to determine the cause of frequent false

alarms. The cellphone signal strength varies and triggers an alarm when it becomes too weak.

The contractor will install an outside antenna near the front porch to boost the signal strength.

Don will confirm that the antenna does not violate any historical building restrictions.

Financial Secretary: No report.

Shipman Mansion Foundation: Don Wood has NJ permits to run a 2021 fundraising raffle. He is

working to obtain an Edgewater Park local permit. Don is applying for a nonprofit vendor

permit for a booth at the Burlington County farmers’ market to promote RDCC and sell raffle

tickets. This will require a commitment of members to staff such a booth on one Saturday

morning each month this summer and fall. John French and Norma Carter are working with the

township to reestablish the summer music concert series. Plans will be needed to establish safe

sitting areas and possible food concessions.

Social Media: Beth Ziegler read Nancy Cunningham’s report on recent Facebook activity. The

RDCC Facebook page now has 1,693 Likes with a goal of 2021 by year end. Page reach was

4,251.  Instagram now has 55 followers. Please like, comment, and share on your personal page.

Invite your friends to like the RDCC Facebook page. Please send Nancy news and photos.

Thanks to those who do send content.

Old Business:

Ken Kauker plans to remove as much of the cut lumber near the privy as he can on April 4.

Jeff Rife gave a second reading of the proposed changes to the RDCC By-laws that will clarify

the responsibilities of the Rear Commodore and document the addition of the Paddling

Committee. These changes include Sections 3 and 6.13. The full text has been posted in the

club house and has been distributed by e-mail to all club members. The vote to approve the

changes passed unanimously.

Don Powell thanked members who donated money for security cameras. Jeff Rife will install 10

cameras with SD-cards around the mansion and boat house to provide security while we are

away. Later, he will add line feed to some cameras to enable viewing through the web site.

Don Powell reported that Drone Legends declined to proceed with a youth camp at RDCC after

we requested that they sign legal documents that would hold RDCC harmless in the event of a

liability problem.

Paul Ziegler asked if he could work with a friend to expand the existing welcome sign to state

“new members welcome” and to provide the club web site information. His request was


Del Rife asked to review the dinghy rack fee schedule. This issue was deferred to the next board


Alan Visitacion asked about the status of rehanging pictures inside the mansion. Don Powell

will reactivate the interior decorating committee to progress this activity.

New Business:

Don Powell plans to restart the strategic planning committee to develop a vision of where the

club might go over the longer term. He asked interested members to contact him.

Good of the Order:

Jeff Rife is preparing plans for a new dinghy rack. It will be separate from, but attached to, the

existing rack for stability. Jeff is looking for material and volunteers to help with the project.

Ken Kauker has some surplus 2-by-6 lumber, which he has offered for this project.

Jennifer Cavanaugh will take pictures of officers and board members at the club on Tuesday,

March 9 from 12 noon to 2 PM. These pictures will be for the RDCC web site.

Don Powell noted that spring all-hands-days will be coming soon. The floating dock launch will

be on Saturday, April 24, 2021.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:51 PM.

Respectfully submitted by

Tom Gilman – 3/4/2021