General Meeting Minutes January 2021

Red Dragon Canoe Club

General Membership Virtual Meeting

January 6, 2021

The meeting came to order at 7:02 PM using Zoom on-line technology.

On-line: Jennifer Cavanaugh, Jeff Rife, Pat Medeiros, Michelle and Alan Visitacion, Tom

Gilman, Del Rife, Don Powell, Beth Ziegler, Mike Dmochowski, Regina and Skip Arey, Ken

Kauker, Susan French, PJ Johnson, Claudia Brown.

Correspondent: The minutes for the December 2, 2020 members meeting were read and


Purser: Susan French reported the checking account balance is $10,265.08. Most expenses were

typical, however, the new fire protection system set up costs were $542. Susan requested budget

estimates from all officers as soon as possible, but at least by the third week of January. The

2021 budget will be approved at the January 27 board meeting. A year-end gift of $100 each for

the housekeeper and the lawn service was approved. Susan will distribute these promptly. The

purser’s report was approved.

Commodore: Don Powell expressed hope that 2021 will be a better year with the vaccine, which

will allow us to get together again at the club. Don thanked Jennifer Cavanaugh for her years

of service as Commodore.

Membership: Beth Ziegler introduced Claudia Brown as a prospective new Social member. She

has a daughter and a son and lives nearby in the River Walk development. She was approved for

probationary membership.

Vice Commodore: Alan Visitacion reported that the recent virtual New Year’s Eve party was

enjoyable. RDCC and PJ Johnson each netted $27.50. The next planning committee meeting

will be held via Zoom on Tuesday, January 19 at 7:30 PM. Alan asked members to email ideas

for future events to him before that meeting. Initially the events will be virtual. Planning for

future in-person events will have to comply with the CDC attendance limits of 10 people indoors

and 25 people outside.

Rear Commodore: Jeff Rife recommended that the Mariner Association’s National Races be

scheduled at RDCC in 2023, because that will be our 100 th anniversary at this site. Jeff stressed

the need for volunteers to serve as coordinators for four committees: Racing, Informal Sail

Instruction "Sailing School", Youth Activities – sailing, paddling and perhaps fishing; and

Paddling events. Several members have shown interest in helping lead paddling events,

including: Ken Kauker, Pat Richmond, Candi Leasner, Denice Santora, and Jan Griswold. Don

Powell asked if there are any on-line sailing lessons available for new members to use before

beginning actual on-water practice. He could help. Jeff will explore the options.

Harbormaster: Del Rife reported that a lot of debris, including large trees, is in the river. He

encouraged members to throw small stuff back into the river when you see it on the beach.

Large items will have to be cleared in the spring. Del noted that Jeff Rife has cleared the brush

from the hill above the waterfront. It looks very good now. Rain water is accumulating on the

tarps on the boats in the backyard. Del suggested that members should use buckets to remove

this water when they are at the club.

Quartermaster: Ken Kauker noted that he can scan property survey drawings and house blue

prints into pdf files to make them readily available for any planning activities. Ken wants to

develop landscape plans for the club property, including plantings of trees and shrubs. Beth

Ziegler will email some accumulated suggestions on this topic to Ken. Don Powell and Del Rife

have identified several trees that need to be removed. Del has marked some with yellow caution

tape. Don and Ken will mark the remaining trees within a week. Jeff Rife reported several tree

stumps along the berm, which need to be marked for eventual removal. There is also a cage

protecting a copper beech seedling on the slope, which might be transplanted to a better location.

There is also a lot of English Ivy at the west end of the property, which should probably be

eliminated to avoid killing trees in the area.

Financial Secretary: No report.

DRYL: No report. DRYL is not conducting monthly meetings during the current COVID-19


Membership: Beth Ziegler announced that she has set a goal of 30 new members this year. She

is keeping in touch with various prospective members. Beth reported that Chris and Jerry

Riding, who have fulfilled their probationary membership requirements, will be moving out of

the area. They have agreed to switch to “non-resident” membership status to maintain contact

with RDCC. Beth worked with Pat Medeiros to send letters and invoices by email thanking

members for their continued support of the club and requesting payment of 2021 dues.

Shipman Mansion Foundation: Beth Ziegler read Nancy Cunningham’s report. She thanked

everyone who purchased Foundation Raffle tickets.  The winners were: Mary Brandt, Ryan Page,

and Connie Rife.  The raffle raised over $5,000. Additionally, the Foundation raised $2,000 with

the Giving Tuesday Facebook Fundraiser that ran during December. We look forward to a return

to lectures, Open House tours, and concerts after the COVID-19 concerns have past.

Social Media: Beth Ziegler read Nancy Cunningham’s report on recent Facebook activity. The

RDCC Facebook page now has 1,690 likes. The new goal for 2021 will be 2,021 likes. There

were 25 posts over the past 28 days. The page has been highly successful in sharing the news

about the activities of the RDCC and the Shipman Mansion Foundation over the difficult year of

2020.  Our page also contributed to the fundraising efforts.  Instagram now has 54 followers.

Separately, Beth requested contributions for the next issue of “Dragontales” by the end of this


Old Business:

Don Powell asked members to donate $25 each for security cameras to assist Jeff Rife to install

these cameras around the mansion and boat house to provide security while we are away.

Don Powell reviewed Beth Ziegler’s proposed drone training program as a way to introduce the

community to the club. Jeff Rife recommended that the program not be run inside the mansion

due to potential damage to many older items. Don Powell will request a written proposal from

Drone Legends for a spring or early summer drone festival event to be held outdoors.

Del Rife requested confirmation that the annual service had been done on the oil furnace, which

serves the apartment. He also noted that snow removal from the parking lot will be needed this

winter, at least to provide safe access to the apartment. Don Powell will email Susan French to

progress these issues.

New Business:

Alan Visitacion suggested that RDCC begin to use a tag phrase, such as #down by the river, to

further promote the club. Jeff Rife will check with his wife to learn from her experience in

public relations and promotions.

Good of the Order:

Jeff Rife noted that with many new paddling members, we need a larger dinghy storage rack.

Ken Kauker suggested that the bottom rack be raised a few inches to allow river debris to flush

out from under the rack. Beth Ziegler will survey the members to determine the number of rack

positions that are needed. Ken suggested Beth ask for boat dimensions: length, width and height,

to allow design modifications that might fit up to four tiers of boats in some cases.

The next board meeting will be on January 27, 2021 at 7 PM.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:38 PM.

Respectfully submitted by

Tom Gilman – 1/7/2021