General Meeting Minutes November 2020

Red Dragon Canoe Club

General Membership Virtual Meeting

November 4, 2020

The meeting came to order at 7:03 PM with in-person attendance plus Zoom on-line attendance.

In-person and on-line: Jennifer Cavanaugh, Jeff Rife, Pat and Bob Medeiros, Michelle and Alan

Visitacion, Tom Gilman, Del Rife, Don Powell, Beth Ziegler, Luke Murphy, Patricia Richmond,

Bill Van Keuren, Nancy Kenny, Meghan Baratta, Candace Leusner, Paula Sorrentino, Linda

Abrams-Raymond, Scott Buell.

Correspondent: The minutes for the October 7, 2020 members meeting were read and approved.

Purser: Jennifer Cavanaugh relayed information from Susan French. The checking account

balance is $13,788.72. Expenses were typical. The water bill was back to normal. The Comcast

setup cost $255, and the Internet setup cost $467.13, based on Jeff Rife‘s receipts. Jeff will

check on electronic water meter readers for Internet to alert us about any future water leaks.

Lawn mowing cost $225 per cut twice a month. Expected year-end income and expenses are

$1800 for apartment rent and about $3800 for insurance, respectively.

Commodore: Jennifer Cavanaugh reported that the contract has been signed for AFA cellular fire

monitoring. The system will be installed within about two weeks. Comcast Internet for business

service has begun. Jeff Rife, John Martinetti and Del Rife installed the hardware, which supports

Internet connectivity from the mansion to the mooring field. RDCC members may use the

private network by using the password: RDCC1883. The public network does not require a

password, but it includes ads promoting RDCC membership. Jennifer thanked Jeff Rife for

researching and designing this system.

Vice Commodore: Alan Visitacion thanked the events committee for their help in planning and

carrying out the recent club events. The movie night, the wine and cheese tasting event run by

Victoria Davidson, and the story telling and bonfire event all went well. A planning committee

meeting will be held via Zoom on Thursday, November 12 at 7 PM. Future events include a

happy hour on Saturday, November 28, and a hybrid New Year’s Eve party. Annual awards may

be presented at the latter event, because the annual Gala may have to be delayed until it can be

held outside in April. The schedule for 2021 events is being developed now.

Rear Commodore: Jeff Rife stated that the Burlington Island Race was relatively successful. The

paddling winners were Linda Gaffney and Denice Santora. The sailing winners were Paul

Ziegler (first) and the Cavanaughs (second). Jeff stressed the need for volunteers to serve as

coordinators for four committees: Racing, Informal Sail Instruction ("Sailing School" as per by-

laws), Youth Boating Initiative (aka "Junior Activities Committee" as per by-laws) - both sailing

and paddling, and Paddling (work with Don Wood to re-establish regular paddling events).

Quartermaster: Don Powell reported that he is working to get a donation of an existing storage

shed that could replace the failing Quartermaster’s shed. If he is successful, we will need to

mobilize a demolition team to remove the old shed. Jeff Rife suggested that a new shed should

be located further away from the restored privy. Don stated that unused old, abandoned boats

stored in the backyard should be removed. Del Rife will help him identify any that should be

discarded. Pat Medeiros has records of boat ownership and storage payments. Norma and Peter

Carter know the plans for the three keel boats. Don and Del Rife surveyed the condition of the

trees on the club property and found twelve have serious safety issues. Don will wrap them with

yellow caution tape. He will obtain cost estimates for their removal. He asked club members to

tell him if they know of someone who could give us a good deal. Don is looking for help from

the members with grounds cleanup on All Hands Day. Pat and Bob Medeiros will prepare

packaged food for breakfast and lunch.

Harbormaster: Del Rife announced that the waterfront All Hands Days will be on Saturdays,

November 7 to pull moorings and November 14 to haul out the dock. Help is needed for

waterfront cleanup, too. He stated that all boats must be removed from the waterfront before

November 14 to make room for storing the floating docks. Del reminded members to secure

small boats on the dinghy rack or take them home for the winter. Access to the rack will be

restricted after November 14 due to dock storage on shore.

Financial Secretary: Pat Medeiros noted that only three past members did not pay their 2020


DRYL: No report.

Membership: Beth Ziegler announced that Paula Sorrentino and Linda Raymond had fulfilled

their probationary membership requirements. Both were approved for regular membership.

Beth led a discussion of the proposed slate of officers for 2021. Nominations were opened for all

positions. Most officers will remain the same as in 2020, except Don Powell is nominated for

Commodore and Patricia Kusinski is nominated for Vice Commodore, pending her upgrade to

Active Membership. Quartermaster is open. Jennifer Cavanaugh and Alan Visitacion will fill

expiring Trustee positions, while Patricia Richmond will fill the remainder of Del Rife’s term.

Jeff Rife suggested that the slate should be established by the nominating committee before the

General Meeting next year to streamline the meeting. Beth recommended that any new members

who pay their 2021 membership fees in November or December should be given full access to

the club during the rest of this year. This was approved. Don Powell complemented Beth for the

outstanding work she has done to promote membership this year.

Shipman Mansion Foundation: Beth Ziegler read Nancy Cunningham’s report. There are only

five weeks left for the Foundation Raffle. We need help from each member family to take and

sell at least one book of ten tickets. So far only 23 books have been taken, which could provide

$4600. That is only half of 2019 sales. If all 100 books are sold, we would net $10,000 for the

Mansion and $10,000 for prizes. Plan to pick up a book from Don Wood at the All Hands Day

on Saturday. Jennifer Cavanaugh reported that one of the restored windows in the meeting room

has cracked. John Ahern Painting, Inc. has agreed to repair the window without charge, if they

are allowed to take pictures of their work. The work will occur this week. Alan Visitacion asked

when the art items will be remounted on the walls. Jennifer stated that enough members need to

agree on what goes where.

Social Media: Beth Ziegler read Nancy Cunningham’s report on recent Facebook activity. The

two All Hands Days are great opportunities to get photos of members enjoying a (work) party.

Please send photos of the projects at the house, on the property, and at the waterfront.  (Send via

Facebook Messenger through the Red Dragon Canoe Club Facebook page.) The RDCC

Facebook page has 1,683 likes. The page reach was 6,424 over the past 28 days. Instagram has

53 followers. Nancy thanked the members for their support.

Old Business:  

Beth Ziegler introduced Scott Buell from Drone Legends. He presented his Drone STEAM

Education Program for Kids, typically for 10 to 13-yearolds. His themes are: using drones,

creating movies, programing computers, developing character and learning to be adaptable. It

costs about $199 per child plus the cost of buying or renting a drone for the 9-session program.

Sessions may be virtual or in person.  This could be a new RDCC Community Program that we

could launch and offer to members and our local community. Jennifer recommended that Beth

present this opportunity to the events planning committee for consideration for 2021.

New Business: None.

Good of the Order:

Jeff Rife recommended that RDCC install Wyze Internet cameras inside and outside of the

Mansion for security reasons. They cost about $25 per camera. He asked members to contribute

money toward buying these cameras to enable prompt installation of this new security system.

Cash contributions may be made to RDCC through PayPal.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:42 PM.

Respectfully submitted by

Tom Gilman – 11/5/2020