General Meeting Minutes October 2020

Red Dragon Canoe Club

General Membership Virtual Meeting

October 7, 2020

The meeting came to order at 7:07 PM using Zoom on-line technology.

On-line: Michelle and Alan Visitacion, Jennifer Cavanaugh, Tom Gilman, Jeff Rife, Del Rife,

Mike Dmochowski, Beth and Paul Ziegler, John Martinetti, Patricia Richmond, Nancy

Cunningham, Pat Medeiros, Joe Mammone, Victoria Davidson, Charles Webster, Kimberly

Burns, Ira Taylor.

Correspondent: The amended minutes for the August 5, 2020 members meeting and minutes for

the September 2, 2020 meeting were read and approved.

Purser: Jennifer Cavanaugh relayed information from Susan French. The checking account

balance is $18,561.39. The gas heater is due for cleaning and inspection.

Membership: Beth Ziegler presented two individuals and families as prospective members. They

are as follows:

Kimberly and Jerry Burns - Strictly Sailing - Cinnaminson, NJ, two children

Ira Taylor - Strictly Sailing - Mount Laurel, NJ, kayak and Irwin 34 sailboat

All were approved for probationary membership. Beth will provide each new member with a

binder of information. Charles Webster asked if he can recruit new members, even though he is

a probationary member. He can, and he is encouraged to do so.

Beth Ziegler reminded members that it is time for all interested members to consider serving as

officers for 2021. Nancy Cunningham stated that a letter, which outlines the responsibilities of

each office, will be sent to members for their information. Presently, all current officers are

willing to serve again next year, except Jennifer Cavanaugh (Commodore) and Susan French


Shipman Mansion Foundation: Nancy Cunningham reported that all Foundation events have

been cancelled for 2020 due to the COVID-19 virus. In 2019 they raised $20,000 for mansion

repairs. Don Woods is running another raffle this year, which could raise $10,000 more for the

Foundation’s share of NJ grant costs for mansion renovations. All members are encouraged to

contact Don to pick up a book of 10 ($20) tickets to buy or to sell to friends to help meet this

goal by December. So far, 35 of 100 total books have been issued, and $2,145 has been turned

in and deposited. Prizes will be 25, 15 and 10% of total sales with 50% for the Foundation. Don

will be at the wine and cheese tasting event with tickets to distribute. Charles Webster suggested

that he could help write any future grant applications.

Social Media: Nancy Cunningham reported on recent Facebook activity. For September 9 -

October 6: post reach was 1,990, post engagement was 2,296, new page likes were 8, and page

reach was 4,946. The Red Dragon Canoe Club Facebook page now has 1,680 likes and 45 posts

in the last 28 days. Instagram has 50 followers, and it gets more active each month. Nancy

reminded members that she depends on receiving pictures to post on line, and encourages all

members to “like” and comment on posts.

Commodore: Jennifer Cavanaugh thanked members for supporting club activities, including Jeff

Rife (Mariners), Beth Ziegler (Membership), Alan and Michelle Visitacion (Events), Tom

Gilman (meeting minutes). Jennifer announced that Internet service would start at the club

beginning on October 11. This will enable the next members meeting to be held partly in person

at the club, while members can continue to participate on-line via Zoom. This would be limited

to 10 members in person with masks. Jeff Rife will assist with camera and TV support.

Vice Commodore: Alan Visitacion reported that the private rental on September 26 for a small

outside wedding went well. The movie night last Saturday also was successful, but was only

break-even financially. Alan thanked Linda Raymond for the use of her movie screen. Jennifer

Cavanaugh will have a private event with 25 people outside on October 10. There will be two

club events on October 17. A wine and cheese tasting event run by Victoria Davidson will be on

the front lawn from 4 to 6 PM. Thirty of forty (maximum) reservations have been made. Then a

story telling and bonfire event will occur on the side porch from 7 to 9 PM. Alan is considering

preparing S’mores kits for sale to go with the bonfire. Check-in and masks will be required for

these events. More helpers are needed. A planning committee meeting will be held via Zoom on

Monday, October 12 at 7 PM. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the planning meeting.

Ginny Puckett requested to host a book group of ten people in the meeting room on November

13. This was approved. The room will be closed for use for 7 days following for COVID-19


Rear Commodore: Jeff Rife reported that the Riverton Yacht Club has invited all RDCC Mariner

boat owners to join in their races on Saturday, October 10. The RDCC Burlington Island race

will be on October 17, starting at 10 AM. There will be a sailing race and a paddling race. Two

RDCC kayaks and two canoes may be used in addition to private boats. Everyone participates at

their own risk. Jeff is looking for two members to lead two committees. The first is a racing

committee to plan and run boat races. The second is to run a youth boating activities program.

Jeff reminded Strictly Sailing members that they owe their ten hours of club service to this

program. The next opportunity will be to help haul out and store the boats for the winter.

Del Rife reminded boaters to keep track of the water temperature as it cools in the fall to make

sure they remain safe. Del also asked members to look out for a silver bowl that could be used

as a trophy to honor the winning paddler in the Burlington Island race. Beth Ziegler noted that

one kayak paddle is broken. Jeff Rife will check and repair it. Jeff also asked members for

donations of unused kayak or canoe paddles and rowboat oars.

Quartermaster: No report. Jennifer Cavanaugh reported that one window pane in the meeting

room is broken. She will contact the window restoration company to determine the best

approach for repairs. Jeff Rife will walk through the mansion with AFA on Monday, October

12, at 9 AM for the fire alarm equipment installation.

Harbormaster: Del Rife noted that Richie Varela has added his “new” Mariner sailboat to the

mooring field. Del reminded all boat owners to add their emergency contact information to the

list on the board in the boat house. He also stated that we need a copy of the key for each boat

and any trailer locks to allow access to move boats and trailers in case of an emergency. These

are kept in the key locker in the boat house. The backyard boat storage area needs to be

reorganized to make room for more boats. Jeff Rife added that we need to expand small boat

storage capacity at the waterfront. Jennifer will check with Don Wood to define the current

dinghy rack design. All-hands-days will be on Saturdays, November 7 for mooring pulls and

November 14 for dock haul out. All boats need to be out of the mooring field by November 6.

Del commented that trash versus recycle sorting is improving at the waterfront, but members

need to pay attention to this problem.

Financial Secretary: No report.

DRYL: No report.

Old Business:

Jeff Rife will work with Comcast to install Internet at the club on Sunday morning, October 11.

An antenna will be mounted on the outside of the building. John Martinetti and Del Rife will

assist him. Jennifer Cavanaugh will email the password to members once the system is working.

New Business:

Beth Ziegler noted that in past years discounted membership rates have been offered to

prospective new members in November and December to encourage them to join. Jennifer

stated that any discounts must be approved each year by the board at the late October meeting.

Good of the Order:

Alan Visitacion reminded members to check out SquadLocker.com for RDCC-labelled clothing

and other equipment. RDCC gets 5% of each RDCC sale on the web site.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:28 PM.

Respectfully submitted by

Tom Gilman – 10/8/2020