Membership to suit YOU

Strictly Sailing, the Red Dragon’s newest membership category, is one of six easy ways for an entire family, or one student, to join in the fun on the Delaware River.

Strictly Sailing, created in 2014, is designed for those who have no boat but want to sail. The Club provides free loaner boats for the use of any sailing members. A free introductory sail is included with the Strictly Sailing membership. Plus you are invited to participate in all Red Dragon social events. $225/year

Active Membership provides the full menu of club privileges. You can keep your own boat at the club and sail from our waterfront. You have an ownership stake in all club property and a vote in all club decisions. (This is the only membership category that allows voting and provides ownership.) For those keeping boats at the Red Dragon, there are additional fees for storage and other privileges.$450/year

Paddling Membership allows you to keep a canoe, kayak or other paddling vessel on club property (for a fee) and to participate in Red Dragon social events. $225/year

Social Membership allows use of club facilities, except for boating, and participation in all club social activities.$175/year

Youth Membership is the economical way for students, not part of a member family, to join the club and sail their own boats or club boats. $50/year

Non-Resident Membership, for former members who have moved out of state. $40/year

To join, email for information

Email to:

Red Dragon Canoe Club

221 Edgewater Avenue

Edgewater Park, NJ 08010